After meeting while still in elementary school in Macau, Michael Riley and Annie O'Dwyer (pen names) broke into the American blackjack scene in 1998 with a bold opening salvo of unprecedented wins from Atlantic City to Las Vegas that sent casinos running for cover.

Their debut book, First Base Blackjack: What It Takes To Beat Today's Game, juxtaposes Riley's testosterone fueled hit and run style with O'Dwyer's subtle mastery of the game to evoke a book full of dynamic moves for a new generation of players.

Explaining reasons why "Card Counting and Basic Strategy Does Not Work", look for O'Dwyer and Riley to be a major influence  in the Blackjack landscape for years to come.

  • Everything you have ever heard about the shoe game is wrong!

  • The self-indulgent message boards are wrong.

  • The system sellers are wrong.

  • The articles in the little casino published magazines? They are wrong.

  • Card counting does NOT work.

  • Basic strategy is WRONG!

  • You CAN win today's casino games!

  • Countermeasures taken by the casinos have left them vulnerable to a whole NEW method of play!

  • You must turn the casinos own tactics against them.

  • First Base Blackjack (FBB) does exactly that - and is the most enlightened betting strategy that the game has ever seen.